Woodturning is a craft that involves shaping and carving wood using a lathe. The lathe rotates the wood while the woodturner uses a range of specialized cutting tools to shape and carve the wood. These tools are known as woodturning tools, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each designed for a specific type of cut or technique.

Here are 10 wood turning tools that every beginner needs:

1. Spindle Roughing Gouge: This tool is used to quickly remove large amounts of wood from a spindle blank. It has a long and thick blade that can handle heavy cuts and rough work.

2. Spindle Gouge: This tool is used for shaping and detailing spindle work, such as chair legs, table legs, and other cylindrical objects. It has a narrower blade than the roughing gouge, making it ideal for precision work.

3. Bowl Gouge: This tool is used for shaping and hollowing out bowls and other curved objects. It has a deep flute and a swept-back bevel that allows it to make smooth, clean cuts.

4. Parting Tool: This tool is used for cutting off pieces of wood and creating grooves and other decorative details. It has a narrow blade that can fit into tight spaces and make precise cuts.

5. Skew Chisel: This tool is used for planing, smoothing, and shaping flat surfaces. It has a long and narrow blade that can be used for making beads, coves, and other decorative details.

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6. Scraper: This tool is used for smoothing and finishing the surface of a piece of wood. It has a flat blade that can be used for scraping and burnishing the wood.

7. Bowl Scraper: This tool is designed for reaching the inside of bowls and hollow forms. It has a curved blade that can follow the contours of the bowl.

8. Round Nose Scraper: This tool is used for smoothing out the inside of a bowl or creating a curved surface. It has a rounded blade that can make smooth, sweeping cuts.

9. Diamond Parting Tool: This tool is used for making narrow grooves and separating the waste from a spindle or bowl blank. It has a diamond-shaped blade that can make clean, precise cuts.

10. Chucks : This tool is used for holding the wood securely on the lathe. It allows you to work on the wood from all sides without having to reposition it.

When starting out in woodturning, it is important to invest in good quality tools that are designed for the job. The quality of the tools will affect the quality of the work that you produce. It is also important to choose the right tools for the job. The type of wood that you are working with, the size of the piece, and the type of cut that you want to make will all affect the choice of tool.

In addition to the 10 woodturning tools listed above, there are many other tools that can be used for specific types of cuts and techniques. As you become more experienced in woodturning, you may want to add other tools to your collection. However, the 10 tools listed above are the essential tools that every beginner needs to begin their woodturning journey. With practice and patience, you can create beautiful and functional items that will be appreciated for years to come.